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Vehicle GPS News Articles

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December 12, 2011. "The dangers of Carrier IQ".  Student Life.

November 23, 2011.  "NY court upholds GPS tracker on worker's car".  The Wall Street Journal.

November 22, 2011. "Track Your Truck, a Leader in Vehicle GPS Tracking, Introduces New Features for NetTrack Mobile".  MarketWire.

November 22, 2011. "To track their pets, owners are trying GPS devices". USA Today.

August 28, 2010. "Location services pose huge security risks".  USA Today.

November 16, 2011.  "GPS Tracking in Smartphones, Should You be Concerned?"  GPS Tracking.

August 7, 2010.  "Appeals court limits use of GPS to track suspects".  The Washington Post.

November 1, 2009. "Google continues to map the way".  The Washington Post.

May 25, 2009. "Police use GPS to track suspects despite murky law".  The Seattle Times.

March 4, 2009. "Should the Govt Be Allowed to Track You Via GPS?"  PC Magazine.

August 13, 2008. "Police Turn to Secret Weapon: GPS Device".  The Washington Post.

July 7, 2008. "GPS devices become a vital tool for business travelers".  USA Today.

June 3, 2008. "Police Use GPS-Equipped Bait Car to Catch Car Thieves".  Government Technology.

May 18, 2008. "Paranoid Much?  Try The GPS Tracker Defense Device".

May 15, 2008. "Review: More GPS tracking adventures".  Computerworld.

May 12, 2008. "UPS's New Telematics System Cuts Fuel Costs and Makes Drivers More Efficient".  CIO Magazine.

March 26, 2008. "Mapping the route with GPS".  The Los Angeles Times.

March 20, 2008. "Don't cheat.  GPS knows".  The Globe and Mail.

March 13, 2008. "Should The Police Be Allowed To Attach A GPS Tracking Device To Your Car Without A Warrant?".  The Liberty Papers.

February 27, 2008. "Big Brother's Road Trip".  La Valley Star.

November 2, 2007.  "GPS vs. Radar Case Might Boost Telematic Sales - But That May Not Be a Good Thing".  Telematics Journal.

October 19, 2007. "How bosses spy on staff".  Business Sense,

October 18, 2007.  "STMicro launches new automotive chip with embedded GPS".  CNN Money.

October 16, 2007.  "Engine Turnoff".  New OnStar telematics system would allow law enforcement agencies to turn off your vehicle.  The American Spectator.

October 16, 2007.  "New GPS Technology Makes Auto Theft Virtually Impossible".

October 11, 2007. "OnStar To Add Stolen Vehicle Slowdown Feature".

October 10, 2007. "Police Can Disable New Cars on Demand".

October 10, 2007. "But I totally needed to run that stop sign!"  Monitoring teen driving behavior.

October 4, 2007. "Nokia Deal May Spell Death for GPS Devices".  PC Magazine.

September 30, 2007.  "Keeping Tabs on Your Teen".  The New York Times Automotive.

September 9, 2007.  "Kid safety goes high-tech".  Chicago Tribune.

September 7, 2007.  "Tracking Students".  GPS system tracks travel of BISD buses with pinpoint accuracy.  Brownsville Herald.

September 7, 2007.  "Employees use GPS to track stolen van, point police to it".  Cleburne Times Review.

September 4, 2007. "Mercedes unites Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and GPS navigation".  NAVIGADGET.

September 1, 2007. "GPS navigation service helps police catch alleged car thief".  Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.

August 31, 2007. "PatrolNet: A Web Mashup".  Troops in Iraq using GPS to plot caches.  PC World.

August 30, 2007.  "Drivers Divided Over New Taxi Technology".  New York Times Blog.

August 28, 2007.  "Too much new tech coming to newer vehicles with too little thinking".  BloggingStocks.

August 28, 2007.  "D.C. police using GPS to fight crime".

August 25, 2007.  "A GPS Tracker Makes Keeping Maintenance Records Easy".  Mr Deal's Gadgets and Gizmos Blog.

August 24, 2007.  "GPS tracking like a stakeout".  Police put GPS device on suspects car and link him to arson incident.

August 10, 2007.  "Cops warn of auto burglars targeting GPS devices".  San Jose Mercury News.

August 3, 2007.  "GPS Navigation Systems".  Becoming more popular.  The CPA Technology Advisor.

August 2, 2007.  "GPS Is My Co-Pilot".  The Washington Post.

August 2, 2007.  "Garmin Guns It".  The Motley Fool.

August 1, 2007.  "GPS Units Weighed Down by Buggy Features".  The Washington Post.

July 31, 2007.  "In-car GPS jammer subverts mobile tracking devices".  Technology News Daily.

July 30, 2007.  "Mapping road to success".  The Washington Times.

July 30, 2007.  "Fleet Management System Employs GPS Technology".  Construction.

July 30, 2007.  "TeleType Releases GPS Navigation Developer Tools".  PR Release.

July 29, 2007.  "Big Brother hits road with teens".  New devices let folks track driving.  Courier Journal.

July 27, 2007.  "Digital mapmakers race to chart it all".  USA Today.

July 27, 2007.  "Company Offers Groundbreaking Technology: Global Positioning System For Vehicle Tracking".  PR Web News Release on Millennium Plus.

July 25, 2007.  "New York Cabbies May Strike Over GPS Tracking".  Information Week.

July 25, 2007.  "NYC cabbies threaten strike over GPS system plans".  USA Today Technology.

July 19, 2007.  "DIYer concocts homegrown GSM-GPS tracking device".  Promaxum Technology News.

July 17, 2007. "Pentagon urged not to use ability to degrade GPS signals".  Government Executive.

July 16, 2007.  "GPS allows 911 center to track cell phones".  The Advocate.

July 16, 2007.  "Comparing GPS Location Loggers - Tracking Every Movement".  Spy Review.

July 7, 2007.  "OnStar and Assist could save your life".

July 7, 2007.  "Big Brother installed in your car".  WCNC Carolina.

June 29, 2007.  "GPS guides rescue vehicles through traffic".  Star Beacon.

June 28, 2007.  "Town vehicles in Islip to be tracked by GPS".

June 27, 2007.  "Jamming GPS Tracking Devices".  Spy Review.

June 26, 2007.  "GPS Vehicle Tracking Entrepreneur Nominated for Business Award".  PR Web News Release.

June 26, 2007. "Waypoints".  GPS Tracklog Blog.

June 25, 2007.  "Mobile Phones Threaten Dedicated Portable GPS Market".  Market News Daily.

June 25, 2007.  "SkyPatrol brings GPS-based device to retailers".  Miami Herald Online.

June, 2007.  "Hidden Secrets of Navigation Systems".

June 24, 2007.  "Tracking device helps teens to drive right".  Orlando Sentinel.

June 23, 2007.  "Geek Gadget: Garmin nuvi GPS Navigator".  KnoxViews.

June 21, 2007.  "Sex offender law would use GPS".  The Daily Tar Heel.

June 20, 2007.  "Citroen's highly secretive security system is recognized by Thatcham".  Easier Motoring.

June 20, 2007.  "New Website Offers Parents Affordable High-Tech Devices to Help Keep Children and Teens Safe".  PR Web News Release.

June 20, 2007.  "Use new technology to encourage green driving".  Plan to use GPS for insurance companies in order to track driving habits and patterns.  The Detroit News.

June 20, 2007.  "Integrated GPS Anti-Jam System Testing".  Technology News Daily.

June 20, 2007.  "Parents can keep GPS eye on teen driver's every turn".

June 19, 2007.  "Fastrax Introduces Three New GPS Receivers to iTrax and uPatch Product Families".  Wireless Developer Network.

June 19, 2007.  "Navteq Has World Covered".  GPS Maniac.

June 15, 2007.  "Garmin Intros New Widescreen nuvi Navigators".  Telematics Journal.

June 9, 2007.  "Using GPS to watch the kids".  Komando Kids.

May 30, 2007.  "Security Alert: Are Your Mobile Assets Putting Your Company, Employees or Customers at Risk?"  Business Wire.

May 30, 2007.  "AAMP Releases Advanced GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution".  Telematics Journal.

May 18, 2007.  "Sacramento firm hopes its vehicle recovery system will take flight".  Sacramento Business Journal.

May 25, 2007.  "Emergence of New Tier One Telematics Suppliers Could Accelerate Telematics Growth".  Telematics Journal.

March 10, 2007.  "Use tech to monitor teen's driving".  Kim Komando.

July 2, 2006.  "Nothing comes close to Gemtek".  Maine Today.

June 6, 2006.  "More sex offenders tracked by satellite".  USA Today.

December 27, 2004.  "Driving safely in dangerous locales".  Local man teaches clients how to navigate in risky areas.  The Union.

December 27, 2004.  "30 million cars now record drivers' behavior".  USA Today Tech.

December 9, 2004.  "GPS used to track teens' driving".  USA Today Tech Products.

November 18, 2004.  "Global auto-safety standard OK'd".  USA Today Cars.

September 16, 2004.  "NHTSA plan calls for monitors in wheels."  USA Today.

August 12, 2004.  "Safety gadgets on cars help cut fatalities on the nation's roads".  The Christian Science Monitor.

August 8, 2004.  "Drivers let Big Brother in to get a break".  USA Today.

May 4, 2004.  "GPS system leads police to car despite thieves' efforts".  USA Today Tech.

December 31, 2003.  "Technology may put Big Brother in driver's seat".  Vehicle navigation and emergency response systems have potential to invade privacy.  International Herald Tribune.

December 22, 2003.  "It's 2 a.m.  Do you know where your workers are?"  GPS cellphones improve security and safety but threaten privacy.  The Christian Science Monitor.

December 9, 2003.  "Limo services save with spy cams".  USA Today Tech.

October 9, 2003.  " SAIC Launches New Generation Navigation Service".  Voice-enables, personal navigation system.  SAIC.

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