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Home > Homeland Security > Maritime Security > Maritime and Port Security News Sources

An Internet directory listing of maritime and port security news sources to include blogs, magazines, newsletters and other media.



Maritime and Port Security News Sources

Asian-Pacific Area Network (APAN) News Sources.

Blog Posts on Maritime Security by MSSR

Border and Port Security News.  HS Today.

Ezine DOT Net Maritime Security News.

National Harbor Safety & Security InfoCenter.

Maritime Homeland Port Security Defense and Shoreline Erosion News by WhisprWave.

MarineLink.  Maritime Security News. Security Site.

Maritime Protective Services, Inc. News Updates.

Maritime Security.  Bridge-Log Maritime Services, Ltd.

Maritime Security News.  PlanetData.

Maritime Terrorism Research Center.  Daily News.

NI2 Center for Infrastructure Expertise.  News.

Pistris, Inc.  Maritime Security News.

PlanetData Maritime Security News.

Port and Maritime Security News by Homeland Security Watch.

Port News.  The World News Network.

Port Security News.  U.S. Coast Guard.

Port Security News.  International Council of Cruise Lines.

Port Security Update.  The Congressional Information Bureau.

Seaport Security Updates.  The American Association of Port Authorities.

Shipyard News.  The World News Network.

United States Airport & Seaport Police News.

U.S. Coast Guard HQ News Site.

Vessel & Facility Compliance News.


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Maritime and Port Security Newsletters

Global Maritime and Transportation School Newsletters.   U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

Maritime Administration Update Newsletters.  Department of Transportation.

Maritime Global Net Newsletter.

Maritime Security Bulletin.  Digital Ship.

Transportation Research Board Newsletters.  National Academies.


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Maritime and Port Security Magazines

Coast Guard Magazine.

Maritime Executive Magazine.

Maritime Reporter and Engineering News.
Maritime Security and Port Security Publications

"Protecting the Nation's Seaports: Balancing Security and Cost".  Public Policy Institute of California.  (Adobe Acrobat pdf file, 1.36 MBs).


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Maritime and Port Security Blogs.

Homeland Security Watch.  Port and Maritime Security.

WhisprWave Maritime Security Blog.
Home > Homeland Security > Maritime Security > Maritime and Port Security News Sources

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