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Hannaford Supermarket
Data Security Breach

Home > Identity Theft > Hannaford Supermarkets Data Security Breach

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Statements and Explanations by Hannaford and Others
Advice on "What to do if you are a Hannaford Consumer"
News Articles about the Hannaford Security Breach

In 2008 Hannaford Brothers suffered a data security breach generated lots of concern among Maine consumers and others throughout the New England states.  This web page is designed to provide to those consumers and others interested in this event some Internet resources to learn more.  The web page is not a financial advice page or one-stop shopping for how to fix problems associated with identity theft; it merely tries to provide info to those wanting to know more.

Statements, Explanations, and Information
by Hannaford and Others

"Credit Card Security".  Statement by Hannaford President and CEO Ron Hodge. (Link no longer active).

Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions.  Explanation of Hannaford data breach, roles that banks and credit unions play when a retailer loses credit or debit card info, what laws protect you from losing money to fraud, and why you can do to protect yourself.

Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection

"What Consumers Should Know About the Hannaford Data Breach". Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection.
(Link no longer active).

Hannaford Security Breach.  New Hampshire Department of Justice.
(Link no longer active).

Maine State Credit Union Statement.  On the Hannaford Security Data Breach.
(Page no longer available).

"Stolen Credit".  Portland Press Herald.  A special webpage devoted to the Hannaford security breach.
(Page no longer available).

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council.  An "open global forum for the ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for account data protection".

List of Independent Stores Impacted by Security Breach. News.
(Page no longer available).

The Complete Guide to Security Breach Disclosure.  CSO Online.

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Advice on "What to do if you are a Hannaford Consumer"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  Hannaford Supermarkets Customer Questions.  Hannaford answers some questions about the data intrusion into its computer network that resulted in the theft of customer credit and debit card numbers.
(Page no longer available).

Recommended Steps.  Hannaford Supermarkets provides some guidance on what to do if your credit or debit card statements indicate unauthorized activity.  In addition, they provide Internet links to the major credit card companies.
(Page no longer available).

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News Articles About the Hannaford
Supermarket Security Breach

June 16, 2008. "Attorneys to meet on Hannaford data theft".  Portland Press Herald.

June 3, 2008. "Lawyers vie for Hannaford security suit".

June 2, 2008. "Hannaford upgrades card-security system".  Portland Press Herald.

May 9, 2008. "Banks urge vigilance after Hannaford security breach".  Waldo Village Soup.

April 25, 2008. "Hannaford making real effort to protect customer's credit cards". Editorial from Portland Press Herald.

April 23, 2008. "In wake of breach, Hannaford steps up security".  Portland Press Herald.

April 17, 2008. "Federal class action sought in Hannaford security breach".

April 14, 2008. "Hannaford's ad decision a display of arrogance".  Editorial in Portland Press Herald.

April 14, 2008.  "Hannaford Emphasizes Difference Between Security and Compliance". IT Business Edge.

April 14, 2008. "Get a holistic view of your security and compliance posture". Network World.

April 9, 2008. "Hannaford Bros. yanks ads from TV station for 'aggressive' reporting".

April 5, 2008. "Lawsuit seeking class-action status filed against Hannaford Bros.".  The Patriot Ledger.

April 4, 2008. "Hannaford Data Breach May be Tip of the Iceberg".  Bank Info Security.

April 2, 2008. "8.3 Millions Records Spilled in Data Breaches This Year".  The Washington Post.

April 2, 2008. "Hannaford's Breach is a Warning for Your PC".  The Christian Science Monitor.

April 2, 2008. "Hannaford customer's credit has been breached before".  The Salem News.

April 1, 2008. "Hannaford Bros. issues apology to shoppers".  The Boston Herald.

April 1, 2008. "Hannaford tells regulators how breach happened".  SC Magazine.

April 1, 2008. "Hannaford Data Breach Blamed On Malware".  Information Week.

March 30, 2008. "Hannaford case exposes holes in law, some say".  The Boston Globe.

March 29, 2008. "Analysts call for ongoing upgrade of data protection".  Portland Press Herald.

March 28, 2008. "Hannaford breach details indicate inside job".

March 28, 2008. "Illicit Software Placed On Servers Blamed For Breach". News.

March 28, 2008. "'Malware' blamed for Hannaford security breach".  Concord Monitor.

March 28, 2008. "Advanced tactic targeted grocer.  'Malware' stole Hannaford data".  The Boston Globe.

March 28, 2008. "Details emerging on Hannaford data breach".  Network World.

March 27, 2008. "Shoppers wary in wake of Hannaford data breach".

March 27, 2008. "After the breach".  Sun Journal.

March 27, 2008. "Hannaford may not have to pay banks' breach costs under PCI".  Computer World.

March 27, 2008. "3 Residents Report Thefts Due to Hannaford Security Breach".  The Ellsworth American.

March 26, 2008. "Breach's cost total at banks: Millions".  Portland Press Herald.

March 26, 2008. "Local Bank Customers Stay Calm About Hannaford Data Theft".  Lincoln County News.

March 26, 2008. "Banks Stuck With Credit Card Replacement Costs".  WCSH 6 News.

March 25, 2008. "Worried about your credit or debit card?  Some advice in wake of Hannaford data breach".  Foster's Daily Democrat.

March 24, 2008. "Consumers owed apology in card scam".  Editorial - Portland Press Herald.

March 24, 2008. "Hannaford Data Breach: The Victims Fight Back".  Bank Info Security.

March 23, 2008. "Credit Card Breach Raises Broad Concerns".  The New York Times.

March 22, 2008. "Supermarket Breach Calls PCI Compliance Into Question".  Information Week.

March 22, 2008. "Card fraud reports widespread".  Morning Sentinel.

March 22, 2008. "Data breach hits close to home for Maine".  BusinessWeek.

March 22, 2008. "Vermont banks reissue cards after Hannaford security breach".  The Times Argus Online.

March 22, 2008. "Hannaford Breach May Presage '08 Trend".  Security Fix, The Washington Post.

March 22, 2008. "Lawsuit targets Hannaford".  The Union Leader.

March 22, 2008. "Bankers: Grocer should offer free ID protection".  The Boston Herald.

March 21, 2008. "Hannaford Data Breach Offers Twists From Prior Attacks". Portland News.

March 21, 2008. "Coakley issues warning to Hannaford customers after data breach".  The Boston Herald

March 21, 2008. "Payment by fingerprint disappears.  Troubled biometrics firm disables scanners at Jewel".  Chicago Tribune.

March 21, 2008. "Hannaford Bros. Faces Class Action Over Data Breach".  Consumer Affairs.

March 21, 2008. "Hannaford gets hit with lawsuits.  How ready are you for one?"  ComputerWorld.

March 21, 2008. "Lawsuits with class-action potential say customers were notified too late".  Portland Press Herald.

March 21, 2008. "Hannaford urged to do more to calm data breach fears".  Kennebec Journal.

March 21, 2008. "Hannaford's response to breach criticized".  Portland Press Herald.

March 20, 2008. "Hannaford Breach Raises New Fears".  AP Associated Press.

March 20, 2008. "Data stolen from Hannaford during transit".  Portland Press Herald.  This news article offers some advice to consumers.

March 20, 2008. "Identity Theft:  Take charge and fight back".  Waldo VillageSoup.

March 20, 2008. "Hannaford vanishes, reappears on security co. site".  The Boston Globe.

March 20, 2008. "Hannaford sued over data breach".

March 19, 2008. "Data theft: Card users told to be ON ALERT".  Portland Press Herald.

March 19, 2008. "Probe into Hannaford data breach continues".  Bangor Daily News.

March 19, 2008. "Hannaford's fiasco: If you didn't use cash, watch your statements". The Union Leader.

March 19, 2008. "Banks warn of second wave of fraud".  Portland Press Herald.  Be aware of possible scams via phone calls or emails by criminals posing as bank officials seeking card data or personal information.

March 19, 2008. "Card fraud fears are felt - Customers respond to security breach".  Kennebec Journal.

March 19, 2008. "Law might need to be strengthened".  Portland Press Herald.

March 18, 2008. "Hannaford, Security Industry Hunt for Cause of Massive Breach".  Dark Reading.

March 18, 2008. "The Hannaford Breach - What Might Have Happened".

March 18, 2008. "Credit, debit data stolen".  Portland Press Herald.

March 17, 2008. "Hannaford Supermarket Chain Reports Data Breach". Portland News.


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