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Blogs about Terrorism

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A listing of blogs relating to terrorism, homeland security, the war on terror, and national security

Counterterrorism Blog.

Douglas Farah.


Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Front Page Mag.

Jihad Watch.

Michelle Malkin.

Middle East Forum.

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Patriot Debates. Discussions of the Patriot Act.

SecurityInfoNet. A blog on the topics of national security, terrorism, overseas security contractors, and the Afghanistan and Iraq conflict.

Military Blogs

American Soldier.

Back to Iraq. Dispatches from the GWOT GSAVE "Long War".

Black Five.

blonde sagacity.

Boots In Baghdad.


Doc In The Box.

Iraq War News.

Midnight in Iraq.

Miserable Donuts.

Military Blog. The Best of the Military Blogosphere.

Mudville Gazette.

My Army Life . . . and other things.


Stryker Brigade News.

Will To Exist.


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Home > Terrorism > Terrorism Blogs



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