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Home > Security Information > Security Newsletters

The following links provide information about security, safety, terrorism, and homeland defense newsletters and electronic news reports.  Almost all of these links provide information on how to signup.  Some are free and others are subscription based.


Aviation Safety and Security Newsletters

AirSafety Week.  Access Intelligence, LLC.  (Subscription). News.  Electronic Newsletter by  (Free).

Air Security International "HOTSPOTS" Report.  (Free).

Airport Security Report.  Access Intelligence, LLC.  (Subscription).

Aviation Week's Homeland Security & Defense Weekly Newsletter.  (Subscription).

Computer Security Newsletters

SANS Institute Computer Security Newsletters and Digests.

CSO Online Security Newsletters.

Government Security Newsletters

Safety & Security Newsletter.  Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Homeland Security Newsletters

AgriTerror.Com.  Agricultural Terrorism and Security News.

Center for State Homeland Security - Newsletter "This Week".

Congressional Quarterly (CQ) Homeland Security.  Free and daily HS news wrap-up.

The Weekly Homeland Security Newsletter.  Homeland Security Institute, Anser Inc.  (Free).

Homeland Security Newsletter.  National Homeland Security Knowledgebase.

"Homeland Security Week" by  This is a weekly e-mail newsletter on the federal government’s efforts to ensure the security of the United States. It features news from Government Executive and other National Journal publications. It is delivered on Wednesdays. To view the latest issue, click here.  (Free).

Homeland Security Weekly.  (Free).

Disaster News Network Email Updates.

Maritime and Port Security News Sources

Safety Newsletters

Food Safety & Security Newsletter.  PJ Barnes and Associates.

The Health and Safety Report.  Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.  Monthly electronic newsletter.  (Free).

Security Newsletters

Biometric Digest.

Blackwater Tactical Weekly.  Blackwater USA.

Digital Forensic Investigator News.  Online news about digital forensic investigation.

National Security Institute (NSI) Newsletter.  For the corporate and government security professional.

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) Electronic Newsletters.  (Free).

Security Magazine Email Newsletter.  (Free).

Security Products E-Newsletter.  Stevens Publishing Corporation.  (Free).

Security Smart Newsletter.  An employee security awareness newsletter from the editors at CSO Magazine.

Security Watch.  International Relations and Security Network (ISN).  (Free).

Security Books and Publications

Varro Press E-News.  Varro Press, Inc. is a publisher of police and security books.

Terrorism and Conflict Newsletters

AlertNet.  Reuters Foundation.  A weekly newsletter alerting humanitarians to emergencies worldwide.  (Free).

AlertsUSA.  Threat Awareness Notification.

BlackNET Weekly Global News Report.


Jane's International Security News.

National Terror Alert Response Center (NTARC).

Secrecy News.  Project on Government Secrecy, Federation of American Scientists.  (Free).

Strategic Insights.  Center for Contemporary Conflict.

STRATFOR Online Intelligence Service Newsletters.  Strategic Forecasting, Inc.  (Subscription).

STRATFOR Weekly.  Strategic Forecasting, Inc.  (Free).

STRATFOR Intelligence Briefs.  Strategic Forecasting, Inc.  (Free).

Telegraph News "War on Terrorism".

Terrorism Headlines.  (Free).

U.N. Wire.  United Nations Foundation.  Daily summary of worldwide news.  (Free).


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Home > Security Information > Security Newsletters


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