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Home > Homeland Security > Real ID Information

Topics on This Page
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News Articles about Real ID


Government Agencies

REAL ID Proposed Guidelines: Questions & Answers.  Department of Homeland Security.

REAL ID Final Rule.  Department of Homeland Security.

Map of States Implementing REAL ID.  Department of Homeland Security.

REAL ID: States Granted Extensions.  Department of Homeland Security.

REAL ID.  Homeland Security Leadership Journal.

The Privacy Office of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Letter From DHS To Maine Governor.  Read the March 31, 2008 letter sent to Maine regarding non-compliance with the federal statute on Real Id.  (Adobe Acrobat file).

Letter From Gov. Baldacci to DHS.  Read the April 2, 2008 letter sent by Maine to the Department of Homeland Security regarding Maine's compliance with the Real-ID Act.

Non-Government Information Sources on Real ID

REAL ID Act.  WikipediA, the free encyclopedia.


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News Articles About Real-ID

January 1, 2010.  "State still far from Real ID readiness compliance".  Portland Press Herald.

April 19, 2008.  "Maine Becomes Last State to Tighten License Security".  The New York Times.

April 18, 2008.  "Senate Passes Real ID Bill".  The Ellsworth American.

April 18, 2008.  "Real ID license changes passed".  Portland Press Herald.

April 18, 2008.  "Maine governor signs license bill".

April 17, 2008.  "House Approves REAL ID Bill".  The Lincoln County News.

April 17, 2008.  "Governor Signs Bill To Bolster Driver's License Security".

April 16, 2008.  "Debate expected on controversial ID bill".

April 15, 2008.  "Real ID on pause".  Editorial against Real ID by The Keene Sentinel.

April 15, 2008.  "Legislator's differences surface during debate on Real ID".  Kennebec Journal.

April 15, 2008.  "No Maine Drivers License to Illegal Aliens".  Radio address by leader of Maine House Republicans posted on "As Maine Goes" website.

April 12, 2008.  "Driver's license reform bill now goes to full Legislature".  Portland Press Herald.

April 11, 2008.  "Committee votes 6-4 for governor's license proposal".  The Boston Globe.

April 10, 2008.  "Legislature begins review of Real ID bill".  Portland Press Herald.

April 10, 2008.  "Real ID Act will make forging state IDs more difficult for college students".  Tufts Daily.

April 10, 2008.  "Peace Action Maine opposes federal drivers license requirements".  Kennebec Journal.

April 9, 2008.  "License failures".  Editorial in Bangor Daily News.

April 8, 2008.  "Bill Calls For Maine Residency Proof For License".

April 8, 2008.  "Illegals Oppose Maine Move to Secure Drivers Licenses".  one Old Vet Blog.

April 8, 2008.  "Immigration coalition opposed licensing rules".  Portland Press Herald.

April 5, 2008.  "Governor's letter raises volume of Real ID debate".  Boston Globe.

April 5, 2008.  "Editorial: Identity crisis".  The Bangor Daily News.

April 4, 2008.  "House Republicans back Real ID Proposal".  Portland Press Herald.

April 4, 2008.  "Real ID, Real Resistance".  The Christian Science Monitor

April 3, 2008.  "MAINE Feds grant state extension on Real ID".  Kennebec Journal.

April 2, 2008.  "Remarks by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff at a Roundtable with Bloggers".

April 2, 2008.  "Maine Gets Extension on Real ID".  The Associated Press.

April 2, 2008.  "Maine extension bid for Real ID compliance approved".  The Boston Globe.

April 2, 2008.  "Feds OK Maine Extension For Real ID Compliance". News.

April 2, 2008.  "Governor Wants Law To Toughen License Requirements".  The Lincoln County News.

April 2, 2008.  "DHS Notifies Collins That It Has Granted Maine Real ID Extension".  Senator Collins Press Release.

April 2, 2008.  "As Maine Resists REAL ID Compliance, Feds Bust Ring Selling Driver's Licenses to Out-of-State Illegal Aliens".  Fox Business News.

April 2, 2008.  "MA Man Held in ME Illegal's Drivers License Scheme".  As Maine Goes Blog.

April 2, 2008.  "U.S. Gives Maine a Deadline of Today to Say It Will Comply With ID Law".  The New York Times.

April 2, 2008.  "Maine Receives REAL ID Extension".  Officer of the Governor.

April 1, 2008.  "DHS Issues Maine Ultimatum on Real ID".

April 1, 2008.  "Real ID Deadline Extension May Not Be Enough For Maine".  WCSH 6 News Center.

April 1, 2008.  "Newton man charged in Maine in alleged drivers license scheme".  The Boston Globe.

March 31, 2008.  "Deadline arrives for Maine's Real ID extension request".  Foster's Daily Democrat.

March 31, 2008.  "Real ID better than having to pay for federal passport".  The Morning Sentinel.

March 31, 2008.  "States Fight As Real ID Deadline Nears".  The Christian Science Monitor.

March 29, 2008.  "2 States in Jeopardy With Federal ID Law".  The New York Times.

March 28, 2008.  "Setting the Record Straight on REAL ID (Part III) - Too Much Spaghetti".  Homeland Security Leadership Journal.

March 28, 2008.  "DHS Requests More On State's Driver's Licenses".

March 28, 2008.  "Real ID Act would have prevented Sept. 11 attacks".  Editorial, Portland Press Herald.

March 27, 2008.  "Real ID debate hits Brunswick".  The Times Record.

March 27, 2008.  "DHS Spokeswoman 'Encouraged' By Baldacci's Real ID Letter". News.

March 27, 2008.  "Some Mainers rush to get passports during Real ID showdown".  Fosters Daily Democrat.

March 27, 2008.  "Maine delay on Real ID".  Kennebec Journal.

March 27, 2008.  "Feds trip Mainers' travel plans".  Kennebec Journal.

March 26, 2008.  "Baldacci requests protections with Real ID deadline nearing".  Portland Press Herald.

March 26, 2008.  "Setting the Record Straight on REAL ID -- Part II Privacy".  Homeland Security Leadership Journal.

March 26, 2008.  "States Challenge Homeland Security's ID Deadline".  National Public Radio.

March 26, 2008.  "Deadline Approaches In Maine's Real ID Standoff With Feds".  WCSH 6 News.

March 26, 2006.  "Maine requests time on Real ID".  Bangor Daily News.

March 25, 2006.  "Governor Baldacci Sends REAL ID Letter to DHS".  Office of the Governor.

March 25, 2008.  "Maine asks Homeland Security for more time on secure licenses".  The Boston Globe.

March 24, 2008.  "States urged to comply with ID rule".  USA Today.

March 23, 2008.  "Hannaford breach highlights weakness in Maine law".  Portland Press Herald.

March 22, 2008.  "Signs of Possible Deal on New ID Rules".  Associated Press.

March 22, 2008.  "Feds hang tough on REAL ID date".  Kennebec Journal.

March 21, 2008.  "Chertoff: ID Must Comply to Fly".  Associated Press.

March 20, 2008.  "3 Governors Hold Out on Federal ID Law".  Associated Press.

March 14, 2008.  "Real ID becoming reality with first deadline Dec. 31, '09".  SecureIDNews.

March 5, 2008.  "States force showdown with DHS over REAL ID".  HSToday.

March 3, 2008.  "Feds warn states of ID deadline, travel hassles".  MSNBC News.

March 1, 2008.  "The REAL ID Disconnect".  HSToday.

February 7, 2008.  "DHS Gets Real ID Right".  The Heritage Foundation.

January 29, 2008.  "DHS Increases Funding For REAL ID Grant Program and Extends Applications Deadlines".  Department of Homeland Security.

January 11, 2008.  "DHS Releases REAL ID Regulation".  Department of Homeland Security.

January 11, 2008.  "Homeland Security Unveils 'Real ID' Regulations".  National Public Radio.

December 13, 2007.  "DHS Releases REAL ID Grant Guidance".  Department of Homeland Security.

November 14, 2007.  "Licenses for Illegal aliens not issue of safety, but legitimacy".  Portland Press Herald.

November 5, 2007.  "Why states are resisting U.S on plan for REAL I.D.".  The Christian Science Monitor.

November 2, 2007.  "Is Real ID plan on its deathbed?"  CNET

October 8, 2007.  "The REAL ID Act: An Update".  The Cato Institute.

September 24, 2007.  "New Survey Shows Strong Public Support for REAL ID Goals".

July 31, 2007.  "Coalition stands firm in support of national ID law".  Government Executive.

July 26, 2007.  "Real ID critics blast Collins".  Portland Press Herald.

July 19, 2007.  "DHS releases Real ID implementation plan".  Federal Computer Week.

July 18, 2007.  "DHS warns states not to reject Real ID".  Computer World.

July 13, 2007.  "Residency Not Required".  Illegal immigrants come to Maine for driver's license because of Maine's loophole in law.  WCSH6 News Center.

May 9, 2007.  "Federal ID card standards draw harsh criticism".  Government Executive.

May 8, 2007.  "REAL ID Action Required Now".  Schneier on Security.

March 1, 2007.  "DHS Issues Proposal for States to Enhance Driver's Licenses".  Department of Homeland Security Press Release.

January 26, 2007.  "Maine Resists Federal ID Program".  National Public Radio.



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