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News Articles on Maritime and Port Security.

April 17, 2010.  "Somali pirates' menace no match for ship captain's courage under fire".  The Portland Press Herald.

April 16, 2010.  "Navy looks for ways other than armed patrols to fight Somali pirates".  The Christian Science Monitor.

April 15, 2010.  "U.S. Port Security Is A Global Issue".  Aviation Week.

April 8, 2010.  "GAO Releases New US Coast Guard Report".  The Maritime Executive.

April 2, 2010.  "Suspected Somali pirates more active, but US Navy fighting back".  The Christian Science Monitor.

April 1, 2010.  "USS Nicholas captures Somali pirates.  What to do with them?"  The Christian Science Monitor.

March 25, 2010.  "Security guards shoot dead Somali pirate in attack on MV Almezaan cargo ship".  Times Online.

March 11, 2010.  "Maine Maritime Academy Students get anti-piracy training".

March 6, 2010.  "Militaries taking fight to pirates off Somalia".  Maine Sunday Telegram.

November 12, 2009.  "Return of the Somali Pirates".  World Defense Review.

September 24, 2009.  "DHS Releases $380 Million for Ports, Transit, Security".  The Journal of Commerce.

August 28, 2009.  "Navy Historian Traces Rise of Piracy".  DefenseLINK.

August 16, 2009.  "Cargo sentries make sure all is shipshape".  The Boston Herald.

July 28, 2009.  "DHS begins small-vessel attack pilot program".  Security Director News.

July 13, 2009.  "Wealthy arm their yachts with military-level security".

July 7, 2009. "Global piracy: the hidden side".  The Associated Press.

June 24, 2009.  "Maritime Security: Fighting Piracy in the Gulf of Aden and Beyond".  The Heritage Foundation.

June 18, 2009.  "IMO Says No Weapons for Mariners".  The Maritime Executive Magazine.

June 18, 2009.  "Liability Lessons from the Maersk Alabama".  The Maritime Executive Magazine.

June 14, 2009.  "A Threat in Every Port".  The New York Times.

June 5, 2009.  "Companies hire 'shipriders' against Somali pirates".  Associated Press.

May 31, 2009.  "Pirates, Inc.: Inside the booming Somali business".  The Christian Science Monitor.

May 20, 2009.  "Liberty Maritime Urges Government to Better Protect U.S.-flag Vessels".  The Maritime Executive.

May 4, 2009.  "Opposing View: Keep Arms Off Ships".  Rand Corporation.

April 20, 2009.  "Security at Sea".

April 15, 2009.  "Battling Somali pirates: Maritime businesses weigh in".  The Christian Science Monitor.

April 14, 2009.  "To arm or not? Merchant crews divided on utility".  Kennebec Journal.

April 14, 2009.  "Bail out Somalia to curb the pirates?"  The Christian Science Monitor.

December 8, 2009.  "Somalia's piracy problem is everyone's problem".  The Christian Science Monitor.

December 8, 2009.  "Why Don't We Hang Pirates Anymore?".  The Wall Street Journal.

December 2, 2008.  "Mercenaries, Sonic Blasters No Match for Pirates".  Wired Danger Room.

November 24, 2008.  "Maine mariners sail the pirate-filled seas".  Portland Press Herald.

November 24, 2008.  "NATO Rejects Calls for Somalia Blockade".

November 24, 2008.  "Piracy thrives when nations struggle with stability".  Portland Press Herald.

November 24, 2008.  "Wartime Q-ships could be answer to piracy today".  Portland Press Herald.

November 22, 2008.  "Maritime Piracy on the Rise, An In-Depth Analysis".  The Epoch Times.

November 20, 2008.  "Who are Somalia's pirates?"  The Christian Science Monitor.

September 22, 2008.  "Admiral to shipowners: Hire security teams!".

September 19, 2008.  "Why we have to pay attention to small port security".

September 4, 2008.  "100 Percent Cargo Container Scanning: A Global Disaster".  The Heritage Foundation.

August 30, 2008.  "Maritime Experiment Focuses on Enhancing Nation's Port Security".  Magic City Morning Star.

August 29, 2008.  "Piracy and Terrorism at Sea".  National Center for Policy Analysis.

June 10, 2008.  "Sea Piracy's Bloody Growth".

June 10, 2008.  "In Pictures: The world's most dangerous Waters".

May 18, 2008.  "Problems beset worker ID program".  USA Today.

April 18, 2008.  "Piracy Sparks High-Tech Defenses".  Time Magazine.

April 18, 2008.  "Los Angeles selects Unisys to run TWIC program".  Government Security Magazine.

April 17, 2008.  "Maritime and Port Security White Paper".  (Acrobat Reader document   ).  By Charles Goslin, Duos Technologies International, Inc.  PDF Icon

April 4, 2008. "Somali pirates snatch luxury cruise yacht".

March 27, 2008.  "Legislators push for $1 million in port security".  Homeland Security Today.

March 27, 2008.  "Lockheed Martin maritime security executive believes port security solutions don't need to slow commerce".  Maritime & Border Security News.

March 18, 2008.  "UN Launches a Medical Guide for Ships".  MarEx Newsletter.

March 14, 2008.  "Port security ID's expected by this fall: Include finger and eye prints".

March 13, 2008.  "Pirate Attacks On the Rise in Nigerian Waters".  News VOA.

March 13, 2008. "The TWIC: What Is It, Who Needs It, and How Can I Get It".

March 1, 2008.  "Former senator voices concerns over port security".  Hunt of the Sea Wolves Blog.

February 27, 2008.  "UH is chosen as site for new security center".  The Center of Excellence for Maritime, Island, and Port Security".  Star Bulletin News.

February 28, 2008.  "US container security: feasible or fantasy?".

February 26, 2008.  "Port security a key topic at homeland security conference".  Security Solutions.

October 25, 2007.  "New Shipping Law Makes Big Waves In Foreign Ports".  The Wall Street Journal.

October 22, 2007.  "AAPA president urges advocacy for adequate port security funding".  Maritime & Border Security News.

October 19, 2007.  "Proposed I.D. card could impact fishing guides".  International Falls Daily Journal.

October 19, 2007.  "Piracy Incidents on the Rise".  MarEx Newsletter.

October 16, 2007.  "City ports director urges better security".  Portland Press Herald.

October 11, 2007.  "CJTF-HOA co-hosts Maritime Security Conference in Kenya".  Wanjuguna Blog.

October 9, 2007.  "Panel to review progress on port security".  Government Executive.

October 9, 2007.  "Senate Hearing on Implementation of the SAFE Port Act".  MarineLink World Maritime News.

October 7, 2007.  "Cruise ship crime jurisdiction often murky".  Union-Tribune.

October 5, 2007.  "TSA begins port worker ID enrollments".  Washington Technology.

October 4, 2007.  "Safe Shipping: Securing our Nations' Ports".  National security article by the Center for American Progress.

October 4, 2007.  "Port security card system will work, officials tell senators".  Government Executive Magazine.

October 4, 2007.  "Lawmakers to scrutinize troubled port worker ID program".  Government Executive Magazine.

October 2, 2007.  "Chertoff Questioned on Port ID Delays".

October 1, 2007.  "CG Participates in Port Exercise".

October 1, 2007.  "Coast Guard Participates in Port Response Exercise in San Juan".  Coast Guard News.

October 2007.  "The C-TPAT And CSI Supply-Chain Security Initiatives Today".  The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel.

September 24, 2007.  "TSA to use maritime spec for worker ID".  Washington Technology.

September 21, 2007.  "Maritime Safety, Security Team storms training center".  Coast Guard News.

September 19, 2007.  "Experts say U.S. nuke cargo scan rules 'unworkable'".  The Washington Post.

September 18, 2007.  "Global shippers debate cost of rising port security, especially by US".  International Herald Tribune.

September 11, 2007.  "U.S. awake to threats by sea".  Bangor Daily News.

September 7, 2007.  "Halifax port security to scan veins in hands".  CBC News.

September 6, 2007.  "New Anti-Terror Program To Boost Port Security".

September 6, 2007.  "Coast Guard, Other Agencies Participate In Large Scale Response Exercise".  (Exercise Nautical Shield 2007), Coast Guard News.

September 5, 2007.  "Homeland Security: Small Vessels To Be Tested For Radiological Threats".

September 5, 2007.  "DHS Announces West Coast Maritime Radiation Detection Project".  DHS News Release.

September 4, 2007.  "New Web site has information about port security cards".  Daily Press.

August 27, 2007.  "Improving cargo scans an important goal".  Editorial by the Portland Press Herald.

August 27, 2007.  "FLETC Offers Training in Maritime Security".  Maritime & Border Security News.

August 27, 2007.  "N.J. Takes Cooperative Approach in Addressing Maritime Security".  Maritime & Border Security News.

August 26, 2007.  "Tracking the elusive shipping container".  Conservative Times.

August 24, 2007.  "Successful Port Authority Maritime Security Exercise".  Coast Guard News.

August 24, 2007.  "Port Authority Conducts Maritime Security Exercise".  MarineLink.

August 23, 2007.  "Port Security Grants Supplemental Guidance Issued".  Marine Link.

August 23, 2007.  "Port gets $2.3 million federal grant to boost security".  Miami Today.

August 23, 2007.  "To thwart nuclear terror, US directs trade partners to inspect 11 million cargo containers".  International Herald Tribune.

August 22, 2007.  "A poor plan to secure our ports".

August 19, 2007.  "Terror On High Seas: Disturbing Rise In Pirate Attacks".  Sky News.

August 15, 2007.  "New System Will Employ Vascular Technology to Identify Port Workers".  Biometric News Portal.

August 13, 2007.  "Maritime Security Matrix".  Includes link to USCG 2006 Annual Report.  Bridge-Log Maritime Services Ltd.

August 13, 2007.  "Port security remains unresolved in Florida".  Dispute between Florida and feds on type of security badge identification to be used.

August 9, 2007.  "'Dirty Bomb' in L.A. Ports Could Cause Hundreds of Latent Cancers".  MarEx Newsletter.

August 6, 2007.  "Port Security Grants to be Announced This Week".  Port Security News.

August 6, 2007.  "U.S. Coast Guard's New Unit Similar to Spec Ops".

August 3, 2007.  "Senate panel backs Coast Guard reauthorization bill".  Government Executive.

August 1, 2007.  "Got a boat?  You may need a license".  Citing terrorist use of small craft, US may require license for recreational boaters.  The Christian Science Monitor.

August 1, 2007.  "With 100% Cargo Screening Soon to be Law, What Will be the Real Impact to Shippers?"  Supply Chain Digest.

July 2007.  "Port of No Return".  Business Facilities.

July 31, 2007.  "To secure 95,000 miles of coastline, USCG may opt for drones".  The Triton.

July 25, 2007.  "Dangerous Waters".

July 24, 2007.  "Maritime Security: Cargo carriers and their view".  EagleSpeak Blog.

July 2007.  "When Your Ship Comes In".  Article on the Marine Asset Tag Tracking System (MATTS).  Department of Homeland Security.

July 23, 2007.  "Senator Collins Won't Support New Port Security Measure".  WCSH6 News Center.

July 23, 2007.  "Ocean shipping: Carriers stress security's role at AAPA event".  Logistics Management.

July 21, 2007.  "A plan for protecting trade after terrorism".  LA Times.

July 20, 2007.  "Chertoff unveils plan for quick recover after port attack".  Los Angeles Times.

July 19, 2007.  "Agreement on Goal to Screen Cargo Ships".  New York Times.

July 19, 2007.  "Piracy Incidents on the Rise".  MarEx Newsletter.

July 19, 2007.  "Massport chief urges more security screening for US harbors".  The Boston Globe.

July 12, 2007.  "Lawmakers demand speed, efficiency for port worker IDs".  Government Executive.

July 9, 2007.  "20 Members of Congress Address Offshore Marine Security with sec. Chertoff".  Maritime Global Net.

July 7, 2007.  "Our ports secure".   Port Authority of Jamaica disputes U.S. reports of vulnerability to terrorist attacks.  Jamaica Observer.

July 6, 2007.  "Obstacles to Closer Counter-Terrorism Coordination in Malacca Straits".  Global Terrorism Analysis, The Jamestown Foundation.

July 6, 2007.  "Terror Concerns for Caribbean Ports".

July 6, 2007.  "Another Maritime Security Breach In Florida".  Corruption Chronicles.

July 5, 2007.  "Terrorism allegations raise concerns for Caribbean port security".  International Herald Tribune.

July 4, 2007.  "US Government Report on Port Security in the Caribbean".  Caribbean Press

July 3, 2007.  "GAO report notes Caribbean port security gaps".  MarineLog.

July 1, 2007.  "U.S. port security plans continue to lag".  Delaware Online.

June 30, 2007.  "Screening system protects ports from deadly cargo". Technology.

June 29, 2007.  "Information on Port Security in the Caribbean Basin", GAO-07-804R, U.S. Government Accounting Office.

June 25, 2007.  "DHS Looks at Small Vessel Security".  HS Today.

June 21, 2007.  "Port employers briefed on TWIC".  Alabama Press-Register.

June 19, 2007.  "Remarks by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff at the Department of Homeland Security National Small Vessel Security Summit".  Department of Homeland Security Press Release.

June 18, 2007.  "Maritime Security: The Soft Underbelly".  The Conservative Voice.

June 18, 2007.  "Fire in the hull".  Seacoast Online.

June 18, 2007.  "Coast Guard considering drones to watch long coastlines".  Government Executive.

June 15, 2007.  "Ports Deserve More".  ShipTalk.

June 15, 2007.  "New Strategies to Protect America: Safer Ports for a More Secure Economy".  Center for American Progress.

June 14, 2007.  "Port security ID cards again miss deadline".  Baltimore Sun.

June 14, 2007.  "IMB urges naval crackdown on Somali pirates".  MarineLog.

June 13, 2007.  "State of the Art Container Security Network Installed to Help Protect Cargo at Florida's Port Everglades".  Business Wire.

June 13, 2007.  "Navies Urged to Fight Somali Pirates".  The Washington Post.

June 13, 2007.  "Shanghai, Savannah ports to test new tracking program".  Savannah Morning News.

June 11, 2007.  "Giuliani Sees Ports as High-Value Target for Terrorists".  The New York Times.

June 11, 2007.  "Small Boats, Big Worries: Thwarting Terrorist Attacks from the Sea".  Dr. James Carafano, The Heritage Foundation.

June 11, 2007.  "Narragansett firm helps prepare ports for attacks".  Providence Business News.

June 8, 2007.  "Giuliani touts port security plan".  Logistics Management.

June 8, 2007.  "Ship cargo security falls short".  Police One.

June 4, 2007.  "Ridge Calls for Improved Focus on Maritime Security Initiatives".  Port Security News.

May 25, 2007.  "Port workers to get security ID cards".  Edmonton Sun.

May 25, 2007.  "Deepwater Whistleblower challenges Testimony".  Project On Government Oversight (POGO).

May 24, 2007.  "Rules Skirted, Millions Wasted on Navy Boat Barriers".  WhisprWave Port Security and Maritime Security Blog.

May 24, 2007.  "Coast Guard to be split in two"?  Tidewater Musings.

May 24, 2007.  "Canada steps up marine security".  Free Republic.

May 23, 2007.  "Port ID systems delayed".  Daily Press.

May 23, 2007.  "Conference: Planning key in port security".  Examiner.

May 10, 2007.  "Feds shell out $445 million for transit, port security".  The Boston Herald.

May 10, 2007.  "DHS Awards $445 Million to Secure Nation's Critical Infrastructure".  Department of Homeland Security.

April 27, 2007.  "Lawmakers doubt DHS can meet port security deadlines".  Government Executive.

April 12, 2007.  "TSA indicates port ID system may not be ready by July".  Government Executive.

April 11, 2007.  "Radiation Detection Testing Underway at Two Foreign Sea Ports".  Department of Homeland Security Press Release.

April 7, 2007.  "Coast Guard meets safe port act deadline".  Pier System.

April 4, 2007.  "Shipyard eyes tighter security".  Seacoast Online.

February 22, 2007.  Public Safety Consequences of a Terrorist Attack on a Tanker Carrying Liquefied Natural Gas Need Clarification.  GAO-07-316.

January, 31, 2007.  "TSA pushes ahead on port worker credentials project".  Government Executive.

January 31, 2007.  "America's ship-tracking challenge".  The Christian Science Monitor.

January 4, 2007.  "Union blasts final TSA rule on port ID cards".  Government Executive.

December 5, 2006.  "Port Security Focus of Two-Day Seminar".  WMTW Portland News.

October 20, 2006.  "Watchdog cites flaws in transportation ID program".  Government Executive.

October 13, 2006.  "New law sets deadlines for cargo screening, port ID cards".  Government Executive.

September 2006.  "Maritime Security: More than Gates, Guards, and Guns".  Pacific Maritime Magazine.  (Adobe Acrobat PDF file).

August 30, 2006.  "Blackwater Unveils New Maritime Subsidiary".  PR Web Press Release.

August 8, 2006.  "Senate leaders agree to take up major port security bill".  Government Executive.

July 25, 2006.  "Dangerous Waters".

July 25, 2006.  "Piercing port security easy as hitching a ride".  The Seattle Times.

July 2, 2006.  "Unconventional attack from the sea?".  The Washington Times.

June 13, 2006.  "Dangers In Port Security".  Forbes Magazine.

June 12, 2007.  "Panelists question future of cargo-scanning tool".  Government Executive.

May 19, 2006.  "The Real Vulnerability at our Ports".  Family Security Matters.

May 5, 2006.  "House Passes $7.4 Billon Port Security Bill".  The Washington Post.

April 26, 2007.  "Panel defeats comprehensive cargo screening amendment".  Government Executive.

April 17, 2006.  "The Box is King".  Container shipping is big.  MSNBC Newsweek.

March 9, 2006.  "Port Security and Foreign-Owned Maritime Infrastructure".  The Heritage Foundation.

February 26, 2006. "No balance to the ports deal".  Sun Journal.

February 17, 2006.  "Protecting the ports".  International Herald Tribune.

January 26, 2006.  "Taking On The Bad Guys".  The use of RFID in container security devices.  Forbes Magazine.

January 26, 2006.  "GreenLane Maritime Cargo Security Act: A Good First Attempt".   The Heritage Foundation.

December 3, 2005.  "U.S. Company Hired to Fight Somali Pirates".  MarEx Newsletter.

November 22, 2005.  "International Coordination and Outreach Strategy to Enhance Maritime Security".  U.S. Department of State.

November 14, 2005.  "Horror on the High Seas".  Time Magazine.

October 24, 2005.  "Sea Security Services announcement".  Cargo Security International.

October 13, 2005.  "Call For Warships As Pirates Hijack Food Aid".  Sky News.

April 16, 2005.  "Acton firm tackling maritime security".  Will build scanner for large cargo under US contract.  The Boston Globe.

April 14, 2005.  "Department of Homeland Security Announces $17.1 Million Award for Operation Safe Commerce Container Cargo Security Program".  Homeland Security Press Room.

February 27, 2005.  "Improved Security at Ports Urged".  All Hands Community.

February 17, 2005.  "Making the Sea Safer: A National Agenda for Maritime Security and Counterterrorism".  The Heritage Foundation.

February 4, 2005.  "Hi-tech cargo containers may boost Portland security".  Morning Sentinel Online.

February 2, 2005.  "Homeland Security Dollars and Sense #2: Misplaced Maritime Priorities".  The Heritage Foundation.

January 24, 2005.  "Directive targets maritime security".  Washington Technology.

January 21, 2005.  "Maritime Terrorism: A New Challenge for NATO".  Institute for the Analysis of Global Security.

January 21, 2005.  "Nigerian Seaports in Need of Proper Access Control".  All Africa.

January 18, 2005.  "U.S. Pushes Ship Security Rules as Global Standard".  Reuters.

January 18, 2005.  "Build destroyers for the sake of security".  Press Herald Online Viewpoints.

January 18, 2005.  "New presidential directive targets maritime security".  Government Computer News.

August 4, 2004.  "Better Dialogue Improves Maritime Security".  DefenseLink News Article.

January 17, 2004.  "Lykes Lines snares maritime security contract".  Tampa Bay Business Journal.

December 30, 2004.  "Buoy transmitters to extend Coast Guard's port security system".

December 10, 2005.  "Hi-tech weaponry battles piracy on the high seas".  New Scientist.

December 9, 2004.  "Al Qaeda to Attempt Major Marine Attack - Report".  Reuters.

December 7, 2004.  "Call for Action to Secure Ports".  RFID Journal.

December 7, 2004.  "Northup Gumman Unveils New Capability for Harbor Surveillance".  PrimeZone Media Network News Room.

December 1, 2004.  "New maritime training center located in Charleston".  North Carolina State Home Page.

November 8, 2004.  "Coast Guard gets satellite help, Officials will track vessels with automatic identification system receiver".  Federal Computer Week.

September 29, 2004.  "Feds order new level of security for ferries".  The Seattle Times.

September 23, 2004.  "Coalition Launched to Promote U.S. Port Security".  Yahoo! Finance.

September 21, 2004.  "Don't let ports be weakest link".  Christian Science Monitor.

September 14, 2004.  "Port Security May Be Aided By Electronic Container Seals".  InformationWeek.

September 14, 2004.  "SkyWave Mobile Introduces Two Inmarsat D+ Satellite Terminals For Improved Tracking, Monitoring and Control of Fixed and Mobile Assets."  BusinessWire.

September 13, 2004.  "GE developing device for port security".  USA Today Tech.

September 11, 2004.  "U.S. Port Security Measures Cover the Waterfront".  All Hands Community.

September 10, 2004.  "Lack Of Maritime Security Leaves U.S. Ports Open To Attack".  American Forces Information Service.

September 7, 2004.  "Terror in a Box".  ABC News.

September 7, 2004.  "America's ports still vulnerable to attack".  MSNBC News.

August 26, 2004.  "Better Dialogue Improves Maritime Security".  American Forces Information Service.

August 14, 2004.  "MMA seeks funds for maritime security center".  Maine Maritime Academy to establish center on maritime security.  Bangor Daily News.

August 10, 2004.  "Bush's port security policies are criticized".  Press Herald Online News.

August 6, 2004.  "GAO: Coast Guard should seek partnerships to monitor vessels".

August 5, 2004.  "Al Qaeda plans to target merchant shipping".  Reuters.

August 4, 2004.  "USCG to check ports worldwide". (AP).

August 1, 2004.  "Seas of Tranquility".  Government Security.

July 31, 2004.  "Seaport Funding - California Ports Needs More".  Homeland Security IntelWatch.

July 30, 2004.  "Tom Ridge calls Port Canaveral a good model for seaport security".  Florida Today.

July 27, 2004.  "Coast Guard Implementing New Security Measures".  American Forces Information Service.

July 27, 2004.  "Cargo backlogs creating threats to security, U.S. dockworkers say."  International Herald Tribune.

July 27, 2004.  "Cargo Security Initiative Established at World's 20 Largest Seaports".  US Info, DOS.

July 23, 2004.  "Congress approves bill to boost Coast Guard funding, hiring".

July 13, 2004.  "USF sonar guards GOP convention".  St. Petersburg Times Online Business.

July 2, 2004.  "New port security guidelines take effect".  News 8 WMTW.

July 1, 2004.  "New federal port security guidelines take effect".

June 21, 2004.  "Secretary Tom Ridge Announces New Nationwide Port Security Improvements".  Homeland Security Press Room.

June 15, 2004.  "Ships and ports are terrorism's new frontier".  MSNBC News.

June 9, 2004.  "Coast Guard expects facilities, vessels to meet deadline".

May 28, 2004.  "Homeland Security Threat Cited From Lack of U.S. Flag Shipping, Crew Presence in U.S. Ports".

May 25, 2004.  "Nearly 95 Percent of Ports Do Not Meet U.N. Safety Measures".  U.N. Wire.

May 21, 2004.  "National Safe Boating Week, 2004".   White House Proclamation.

May 8, 2004.  "Terrorism threat roils debate on LNG safety".  Press Herald Online News.

May 7, 2004.  "Time running out for ISPS readiness".  Shipping Times, The Business Times Online.

April 19, 2004.  "UN's World Maritime University Adopts US-developed Maritime Security Training Program".  eMediaWire.

April 15, 2004.  "FFC votes to boost electronic security for rails, ports."  Reuters/US Today.

April 12, 2004.  "Terror on the high seas".  International Herald Tribune.

April 11, 2004.  "Energy source or terror target?"  Push to build LNG terminals under fire across the country.  Sun Herald, MS.

April 8, 2004.  "Senate panel OKs rail, maritime security bills".

April 6, 2004.  "Marine Patrol adds coastal-security role".  Press Herald Online.

March 31, 2004.  "Worldwide Information Subsidiary Upgrades Harbor Safety and Border Security Offering to Include Nationwide Registry".  Yahoo Finance Press Release.

March 30, 2004.  "Agencies: Buy boats with anti-terror funds".  Press Herald Online.

March 28, 2004.  "Losing Navy rescue copters puts Maine's mariners at risk".  Press Herald Online.

March 26, 2004.  "Military bolsters maritime security role".

March 3, 2004.  "Military explores greater role in maritime security".  GovExec Daily Briefing.

January 2, 2004.  "Funds for Port Security Center".  New York State Strategic Center for Port and Maritime Security is established.  The Rosslyn News.

January 1, 2004.  "Maritime Security Not Shipshape".  New York Post Online.

January 1, 2004.  "Planning lags for maritime security".  Press Herald Online.

January 1, 2004.  "Maritime security lag cited.  Ports, ships miss deadline to file antiterror plans". News.

December 29, 2003.  "Report: Al Qaeda Targeting Ocean Liners".  Fox News.

December 18, 2003.  "Homeland Security officials accused of 'foot dragging' on port security".

December 17, 2003.  "Coast Guard serious about commercial fishing vessel safety".  U.S. Coast Guard.

December 16, 2003.  "Coast Guard reminds maritime community of approaching security deadline, potential penalties for non-compliance".  USCG.

December 15, 2003.  "$1.5 Million Launches First-In-Nation Program at SUNY Maritime".  Maritime and Port Security Center.  The Maritime Watch.

December 10, 2003.  "Department of Homeland Security Announces $179 Million in Grants to Secure America's Ports".  DHS Press Room.

October 10, 2003.  "Maine Port Tries to Hire Federal Baggage Checkers".  Fox News.

August 27, 2003.  "Local Police Divers Joining Fight Against Terrorism".  Seattle police undergo special underwater training.  Komo 4 News.

August 26, 2003.  "Al Qaeda Plans Underwater Attack".

August 9, 2003.  "New ship tracking system to aid against terrorism".  The Milford Daily News.

May 16, 2003.  "Senators call for study of administration's port security efforts".  Government Executive Magazine.

May 16, 2003.  "Coalition targets maritime terrorism".

May 2003.  "Interview with Admiral Thomas Collins".  Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard discusses the Coast Guard's role in Homeland Security.

April 24, 2003.  "Customs official details work toward secure ports, borders".

April 15, 2003.  "Lawmakers fish for more port security funds".

March 20, 2003.  "Seaports called 'critically vulnerable' to terrorism".

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